About Us

Ohindu.com is in social media expert founded by a group of expert in social media Warriors with a mission to bring the truth and expose the fake propaganda of the paid media of India.

Ohindu.com team will defend the true democracy of India, constitution of India, true and secular and traditional value and freedom of expression in India.

Ohindu team want to celebrate cultural diversity of language ,religion ,culture and pluralism of India.In the current scenario of Indian journalist and media worrisome to say these time.

Democracy, liberalism, equal rights, human rights, free and fair journalism and freedom of expression under threat.
Ohindu team feel concern that the state of the fourth pillar of Indian democracy.

Now this time latest it not be set that no one care about media . OHindu team and this process try to stand up for the Indian democracy ,progressive Idea, secularism, equal right of men and women ,and corruption free society .

  • Corruption free politics money and muscle power caste and religion

  • Fight against those power who are threat for democracy

  • Protecting cultural diversity off India

  • Spread harmony and share love to Indian cultural value

  • Free and fair judiciary

  • Women empowerment

Approach discriminatory development policy of Indian government through citizen of this country against weaker section of the society like minority ,dalit , tribal.

Ohindu.com is not linked with any other political party or affiliated group. oHindu team here to promote free and fair journalism work of the government .

Ohindu team will give fair space to every political party because democracy is about different Idea and opinion. it’s about debate and dissent.